Free some hard drive space!

Surfing the 'Net is a blast for most of us. Most of us learn and experience more information easier and faster then ever before! But did you know that every time you visit a page on the Internet, a smaller copy is cached on your hard drive so that the next time you visit it loads faster? A great idea, yes, but it also has a very small drawback on some older eats up disk space!

In today's machines with their 60+ Gigabyte drives, it may not seem to be a concern. But what if you have an older system that has a smaller hard drive? Well, that space may make the difference between slowing your machine to a crawl or surfing at a rather pleasant rate of speed!

So what's a poor soul to do? Why not dump those cached pages occasionally and regain some of that disk space? It's an easy task to accomplish and only takes a few mouse clicks to complete!

The following instructions are meant for Internet Explorer 4.0 or better and Netscape Communicator 4.X or better. If you are using older versions of these browsers, you really should upgrade to the latest ones for two reasons... first one is that you could be missing out on some darn good content due to browser incompatibility and the second is the newer browsers offer current Digital IDs. This make surfing easier, safer and more fun! Trust me! If you need a copy of the latest browsers, please visit my home page. There are links to both sites which will provide you with the latest browsers offered by Microsoft and Netscape.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer users, please click here.

Netscape users, please click here.

Internet explorer users:
  1. Right click on the Internet Explorer (IE) icon on your desktop.

  2. In the popup menu that's comes up, click on 'Properties'.

  3. With the 'General' tab showing, click on the 'Delete Files' box in the 'Temporary Internet files' area of the dialog box.

  4. Click on 'OK' in the 'Delete temporary files' dialog box that appears.

  5. Click 'OK' and the dialog box will close.

  6. Viola! You've done it!

Netscape users:

  1. Double click your Netscape link or open it through the 'Start' button in the lower left of the task bar.

  2. Once the browser is launched, click on 'Edit' on the menu bar and then click 'Preferences'.

  3. In the 'Preferences' dialog that appears, click the + sign next to the 'Advanced' line in the 'Catagory' window.

  4. Click on the 'Cache' item that appears.

  5. Click on the 'Clear Disk Cache' button that is in the box.

  6. Click 'OK' in the box that appears.

  7. Click 'OK'.

  8. Viola! You're done!